Bankruptcy Start to Finish

The Bankruptcy Process works.

Not all bankruptcies are alike or follow the same path, but our goal is the always same. We help clients take control and stay with you every step of the way.
Initial Consultation

The first step is to pick up the phone and give us a call or send us an email. If we are available to chat we will talk right then. If not, we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible. During the initial consultation we will discuss your financial situation and come up with a strategy.

Collecting Documents

After the initial consultation, we will email you a To Do List with everything needed to get a case filed. The list is custom tailored to your situation and and will include where to complete the pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course. You can send us documents electronically or you can drop them off at our office. Once we get your documents we will prepare your file for the drafting appointment.

Drafting appointment

The drafting appointment is held over the phone, in person or over video chat if requested. We go over the documents with you and prepare your case for filing. Prior to filing we send the petition and fee agreement to you for review, approval and electronic signature.

Filing case

Filing the case is done electronically so you are quickly assigned a case number and official notice. In situations where there is a garnishment or repossession, we send the notice to the creditor immediately after filing. We also send you a copy of your court documents, bankruptcy notice and other legal documents.

Automatic Stay

When your case is filed, the Automatic Stay automatically goes into effect and forbids creditors from contacting you directly. This means you will stop receiving mail and phone calls and any pending lawsuits, repossession, foreclosures or garnishments are terminated. The Automatic Stay is very powerful and provides debtors immediate relief.

Meeting of the Creditors

The meeting of creditors is usually held about a month after your case is filed. Creditors are allowed to show up and ask you questions with the Trustee and your counsel present. The meeting is around 5-15 minutes and creditors rarely appear. The Trustee will ask you some questions and then conclude the meeting. We recommend that clients finish their Financial Management Course prior to the hearing.


A discharge is a formal and permanent injunction against the collection of your debts. In a Chapter 7, the Court enters an order of discharge after all requirements are met, but no sooner than the last day to object to the Debtor’s Discharge. This is usually about 60 days after the first date set for the Meeting of Creditors. Most Chapter 7 cases get a discharge in about 90 days. If you filed a Chapter 13, you will receive a discharge shortly after your final payment. A Chapter 13 lasts between 3 – 5 years.

If you have any questions about the Bankruptcy Process or how you can Take Control, please give us a call at 785-727-7700 for a FREE Consultation over the phone or in person or you can email us now.