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Walt Disney. Dave Ramsey. Joe Lewis. Do you know what these three people have in common? Yes, they are all celebrities, but there’s something else.

Along with many other successful businessmen and women, they have all filed for bankruptcy. It allowed them to sort out their financial losses and start fresh with a new plan. With the help of Steffens Law, you can have a fresh start too. 

When you experience financial struggles, it adds to the everyday stress of life...

Chris Steffens, a bankruptcy attorney in Lawrence, understands that. But he wants to help reduce your stress by allowing you to choose where you meet with him. Whether that is in his office or in the comfort of your own home. He will talk you through the bankruptcy process wherever you feel the most at ease.    

Bankruptcy is a Legal Process

Bankruptcy is a generic word for the legal process that helps consumers and businesses create a path to debt relief. It provides an opportunity for families and businesses to have a fresh start after experiencing financial hardships, regardless of how they got there. Whether through never-ending medical bills or a night filled with poor decisions, the process can be started by contacting a bankruptcy lawyer. 

Declaring Bankruptcy Isn't for Everyone

Not everyone will qualify for declaring bankruptcy. Those who do typically have a higher debt to income ratio. However, some individuals have the money to pay their debts, but they need help restructuring their payments. These situations are usually repayments for a mortgage or back taxes.   

When Bankruptcy Is the Right Decision

Although we all occasionally feel like we’re drowning in debt, only certain situations will qualify for declaring Bankruptcy. Starting this legal process will stop creditors from calling, lawsuits, and wage garnishments. Other situations where bankruptcy may be applicable include: 

  • Recently filed for divorce 
  • Home foreclosure seems inevitable 
  • Relying on credit cards to pay for everything 
  • Making a credit card paying with another credit card 
  • Cashing in your 401(k) to pay your bills seems like the only option  


If your income cannot keep up with your debts, completing the bankruptcy process may be a suitable decision for you. 

The Difference Between Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Bankruptcy describes the legal process of seeking help for your debts, but several classifications exist. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common, and both will help discharge your debts. However, they are not the same. 

Chapter 7  

Chapter 7 bankruptcy lets you work with an assigned trustee who will sell off (liquidate) your assets. Any money from these sales is applied toward the debts you owe. Not all of your belongings will qualify. Items like clothing and Social Security benefits are exempt. 

Chapter 13 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as the “wage earner” bankruptcy. You must have a valid source of income to qualify for this category of debt forgiveness because you commit to repaying part of your outstanding debts. 


What portion you must repay is negotiated and then paid over a three to five-year period. If you make the agreed-upon payments, your possessions will not be liquidated. Any remaining debt will be discharged when you’ve reached the end of the repayment period. 

Debts That Qualify for Discharging

Bankruptcy proceedings create an opportunity for you to take control of your finances. However, some debts are not eligible for discharge. Ineligible debts include the following: 

  • Unpaid child support or alimony 
  • Tax liens 
  • Debts related to intentional injuries to another individual 
  • Debts related to the death or personal injury that occurred while driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances


If you fail to list something on your initial bankruptcy filing, it becomes ineligible for discharge.

Bankruptcy Process Expectations

No two bankruptcy cases are the same; therefore, no two processes will be the same. However, they will always follow the same general guidelines. 

Your initial consultation with Lawrence bankruptcy attorney Chris W. Steffens will begin in person or remotely, whichever you choose. This meeting will help us understand how we can best serve you and create a clear financial future.  

After gathering the necessary information regarding your circumstances, we’ll discuss your options. Copies of related financial documents will be needed so we can get organized to file your case. After electronically filing with the court, an Automatic Stay goes into effect and prevents creditors from reaching out to you.   

Your financial future will begin looking brighter after you receive a discharge, which is a formal and permanent injunction against debt collections.

Why Hire Steffens Law

For the last 10 years, Chris W. Steffens has been a solo bankruptcy practitioner in Lawrence. But don’t let the size of his practice worry you. He can provide the same results as larger firms. 

Mr. Steffens believes that client comfort should be a priority. That’s why he provides you with options on how to conduct your business. Regardless of your choice, he is always available, and your information will always be secure. 

He has experienced the bankruptcy process with many families and as a result, has developed a strong sense of empathy. Mr. Steffens understands that anyone can struggle at any time, so he will not pass any judgment.  

Your unique situation will be approached with compassion. Mr. Steffens’s experience will help guide him to the best resolution for you. Contact Steffens Law in Lawrence, KS, for a free consultation and get the expert financial help you need to begin again.  

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