How Much Is A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When you are overwhelmed with debt, the thought of paying an attorney to file a chapter 7 is probably the first thing on your mind.

Filing Fee, Credit Counseling, Credit Reports

These are non-lawyer fees that add to the total cost of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The filing fee is currently $338. If you meet the income requirements, you may be able to waive the filing fee.

The cost of the pre-filing credit counseling course varies but expect to spend between $15 – $50 to get your counseling completed. You will also need to do a post-filing credit counseling course after your case is filed. Expect to pay about the same price.

A 3-bureau credit report can be requested for free HERE but you only get to pull it once per year. CreditKarma will allow you to access TransUnion and Equifax but the free option at the time of this writing does not include account numbers. You can also purchase a credit report from Experian.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees

So how much is a chapter 7 bankruptcy? The answer really depends on the complexity of your case. Since every case is different, the following should be viewed as just a general guide:

Low Fee Cases $700

  • Kansas Legal Services offers low fee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • If you are on a fixed income like Social Security or Social Security Disability with no ability to work now or in the future
  • If you are significantly below median (i.e. below 150% of the poverty level)
  • If you have  just have a handful of unsecured creditors and little to no assets

Below Median Cases $1,600

  • If you are below median
  • If the issues you face are mostly credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, collections, etc
  • If the assets or property you have are exempt with maybe a few non-exempt assets with little to no value
  • No secured debts that require reaffirmation

Below Median Cases $1,900

  • If you are below median
  • If the issues you face are more complex:
    • Non-exempt assets with value
    • Non-filing co-debtors
    • Potential or active divorce
    • Lawsuits that require an entry of appearance
    • Emergency filings
    • Pre-bankruptcy planning and strategy
    • Assets with liens requiring reaffirmation (home and car loans)

Above Median Cases $1,900 – $2,500

  • If you are above median there is significant time and cost for the extra work needed to qualify for Chapter 7

No Two Bankruptcies Are The Same

One thing to keep in mind is that no two bankruptcies are completely alike. Bankruptcy in Kansas can be relatively simple and straightforward. However, more often than not, a personal bankruptcy will carry at least one complex issue that requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Bankruptcy is often more complex than many people realize – a “simple” bankruptcy can turn upside down in a hurry, and a good attorney is often the difference between getting a discharge and keeping all your property or having things go completely wrong.

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