Looking For an Affordable Low Cost or Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Are you Looking For an Affordable Low Cost or Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Looking for an affordable low cost or cheap bankruptcy lawyer in Lawrence or Topeka? There are important and surprising things to know when choosing a Kansas Bankruptcy attorney.

Most bankruptcy attorneys filing in Kansas charge similar fees.

In fact, the majority of bankruptcy lawyers in Kansas, even in Lawrence and Topeka, charge fees within a couple hundred dollars of one another. This applies to bankruptcy courts in Topeka, Kansas City and Wichita. Bankruptcy fees are disclosed in all cases and are easily available for viewing on-line by attorneys. Any attorney wanting to see what bankruptcy attorneys are charging can go to the court’s website and take a peek.

Bankruptcy lawyers who do charge low-ball prices make up the difference in volume.

You’ll see a lot of high volume filers running paid ads online. Attorneys have to run a business and earn a profit to make a living. Lower margins are made up by running more cases through the office in less time. This is commonly known as a “mill.” You should expect less attention and time answering your questions and concerns. You get what you pay for.

Bankruptcy lawyers cannot overcharge their clients.

The Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Trustees keep a close eye on attorney fees. More importantly, the US Trustee’s Office (UST), which is the US Justice Department’s watch-dog guarding the bankruptcy system from abuse, closely monitors attorney fees. If the fees are too high, the UST will file a motion asking the judge to order the attorney to lower their fees and return excess attorney fees back to the client.

For Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in the District of Kansas (Topeka), the court has a set preferred fee schedule.

A bankruptcy attorney’s fees must be approved by the court. In an effort to save time, the local bankruptcy court in Topeka has set pre-approved fees for cases, based on the complexity of the case and the services rendered. Generally speaking, an attorney will be allowed $3,100 (not including costs) for a below median case and $3,600 for an above median case. The fee schedule is only a guide, and for “fee only” Chapter 13 cases where the only debt being paid back in the case are attorney fees, the costs to the client are generally lower.

The cost of a bankruptcy is low compared to the benefits.

Think about it. If you pay $1,600 for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of $30,000 in credit cards, medical bills and other debts – that’s a huge return on your investment! Where else can you spend $1,600 and for a net benefit of $28,400? Probably nowhere. Also keep in mind the time saved: years toiling away to pay back debts versus a few months in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after you get your Chapter 7 discharge. 

If you are you looking for an affordable low cost or cheap bankruptcy lawyer, keep the above in mind. The cost itself is probably the least important factor as most fees are similary. Look for an attorney you feel you can trust. Speak with an attorney who is willing to spend time with you in person and on the phone. Choose an attorney with experience and who makes you feel comfortable.

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